We communicate with our clients via text messaging, email and phone calls. We require clients to be communicative with us as far as updates with any health changes of pets, schedule changes and service location changes.


Tuesday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm


The Mobile Spaw™ is a mobile grooming service. The Mobile Spaw™ does not schedule same day appointments. Appointments are grouped based on location and frequency of grooming. After the first appointment, we reserve appointments for your pets for the remainder of the year, based on your preferred schedule or pet’s grooming requirements.


The Mobile Spaw™ schedules appointments based on your pets’ needs. Hairstyles, coat type, health, and behavior help us determine the appropriate schedule for your pets. Appointment frequency ranges between 1 and 6 weeks.

We want to provide our clients with the most convenient grooming option possible. We are happy to schedule your grooming appointments while you are at work or out doing errands. You are not required to be home after the first appointment.


The Mobile Spaw™ requires at least 24 hours notice for rescheduled and cancelled appointments. Any appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or no-shows, will be charged the full amount of the scheduled appointment. This includes canceling one scheduled pet in a multiple pet appointment. After two infractions The Mobile Spaw™ will discontinue future services.


For the safety of our staff and your pets, The Mobile Spaw™ has a strict weight limit of 50 pounds.


The Mobile Spaw™ does not groom aggressive pets. If your pet has a bite history, or has attempted to bite a person, please consult your veterinarian to discuss grooming options. It is your responsibility as a client to provide a well behaved animal to be groomed. For any reason during the grooming session the groomer feels there is a risk of injury to the pet or themselves they will end the grooming session. Charges will be prorated with a minimum fee of $85.


The Mobile Spaw™ does not groom sedated pets. The Mobile Spaw™ will not give your pet any medication including sedatives. The Mobile Spaw™ does not recommend using sedatives prior to grooming unless it is the last resort. We ask that we are allowed to attempt the groom without the use of sedatives for at least one session. Most pets do very well in the quiet setting of a mobile grooming van and their previous grooming anxiety resolves itself. We understand that there are rare cases where sedatives are necessary for the safe completion of the grooming process, and this is best done under the supervision of your veterinarian.


The Mobile Spaw™ will handle all pets with care and will only perform services to pets that can tolerate being groomed. Senior and special needs pets will be groomed for their comfort. For the health and safety of the pet, The Mobile Spaw™ will refer new clients with pets aged 13 or more years to be groomed at a veterinary facility. The Mobile Spaw™ will never perform a service that may potentially injure, complicate a health condition, or cause discomfort to a pet. This sometimes means not all services will be performed, for example: de-matting, nail trimming or blow drying. It is the client’s responsibility to inform The Mobile Spaw™ prior to each grooming session any chronic health conditions (example, enlarged heart, heart murmur, kidney failure, diabetes, thyroid disease, etc.). This is for the safety of your pet. We can monitor stress levels easier if we have knowledge of your pet’s health conditions.


If your pet is displaying ANY symptoms of a communicable illness (coughing, diarrhea, fever) prior to appointment, we ask that you reschedule your grooming appointment and seek veterinary care. If The Mobile Spaw™ sees any of these symptoms at the time of arrival, we will cancel the appointment. This is a courtesy to other pets in our care as well as yours (pets do not want to be groomed if they feel ill).


The Mobile Spaw™ will not cause unnecessary discomfort to any pet, including de-matting. We will only de-tangle hair according to your pet’s comfort level.

Any pet that is severely matted (matting that is tight to the skin and covering large areas of the body) will be referred to their veterinarian for shaving. Typically, after a severely matted pet is shaved they require veterinary care for skin conditions related to the matting. After your pet has been groomed at a veterinary facility, we can schedule future grooming appointments that are appropriate for your pet’s coat type.


The Mobile Spaw™ cleans and sanitizes between each pet being groomed. The Mobile Spaw™ uses a veterinary disinfectant designed to be safe for use around pets and effectively disinfect diseases like Parvovirus, Influenza, and coronavirus.


The Mobile Spaw™ management believes anal gland expression is a veterinary procedure. Healthy pets should be able to “self-clean” their anal glands, if they cannot do this on their own there may be an underlying health condition. Anal gland sacs are delicate and can be bruised or ruptured easily by performing this procedure incorrectly. If your pet has a condition that requires frequent anal gland expression, this is best performed and monitored by your veterinarian.