First Place Winner of Coeur d’Alene’s Best Of 2021 Awards


The Mobile Spaw is looking for experienced groomers to join our team! Email us (info@mobilespaw.com) for more information.

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The Mobile Spaw is a luxurious and convenient mobile pet grooming service. We have custom Ford Transit vans fully equipped with a grooming salon inside. Our vans are built with their own power and water source, water heater, furnace and air conditioning.

Thank you for your interest in The Mobile Spaw. We are happy and excited to provide our community with a quality service that is convenient for you and enjoyable for your pets.

We are very passionate about the grooming industry and above all, we love our clients (you and your pets!). Safety and quality are our top priorities, and of course, your pets’ enjoyment of the process. It is our sincerest goal to create a grooming environment that is truly enjoyable and stress-free. Building a relationship between groomer and pet is essential. If we are able to succeed in this, it will reduce (or eliminate) fear and stress from grooming, improve the quality of your pet’s experience and the quality of the groom. Your pet will begin to know and trust their groomer, have a routine and know what to expect. We have seen many pets that were once fearful of being groomed, become trusting of their personal groomer and enjoy the entire process!

The Mobile Spaw is owned and directed by a National Certified Master Groomer.

All pet stylists of The Mobile Spaw are certified in pet CPR and First Aid, Certified Fear Free, and are registered and/or certified members of the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA). We regularly attend pet grooming seminars and workshops (continued education).

The Mobile Spaw’s Mission Statement:

To provide a fear free, enriching and compassionate pet grooming experience and to provide exceptional grooming practices through continued education and national certification.